« It is still possible to save our lake and our river. However, we will need to change our ways of doing things and start now. We must take our environment into our own hands and widen our vision of property and responsibility beyond our own piece of land…»


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Last Data of August 29, 2021

badSample at the exit of Rivière du Nord

– Val-Morin

Sample in the middle of the lake Raymond

– Val-Morin

Sample in the Parc des Amoureux – Val-David

Classification of the quality of water used for recreational uses.
Water quality Fecal coliforms / 100 milliliters Details
Excellent 0-20 All recreational use allowed
Good 21-100 All recreational use allowed
Poor 101-200 All recreational use allowed
Bad More than 200 Bathing and all other direct contact with water is compromised
Very bad More than 1000 All recreational use compromised

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