History of the Association

  • 1974The Association is born

    The association was created in 1974 under the name of Association des propriétaires résidants de Val-Morin inc. Its first president was Roméo Filiatrault ing. who was the main proponent of many of its first achievements.
  • 2005 Major undertaking to fight water pollution

    In 2005, M. Guy Drouin ing. accepted the presidency of the Association which was then renamed l’association de protection de l’environnement du lac Raymond et de la Rivière du Nord Inc., he was the leader who initiated the various measures to reverse the water quality deterioration process that had been going on for many years.

First stage of pollution control of Lac Raymond and of la Rivière du Nord

During the 70’s, water pollution levels in the River and the Lake were such that we couldn’t swim anymore. M. Filiatrault who was an engineer, convinced the Municipality of Ste-Agathe to build a water treatment plant and helped the Municipality to obtain a provincial subsidy. He also convinced the provincial government to modify the plans for the Val-David water treatment plant in order minimize costs to the Municipality.

Banning of powerboats on Lac Raymond

M. Filiatrault initiated a ban forbidding the use of powerboats on lac Raymond. Many years and three referendums will have been needed to convince the federal government, the provincial government and the Municipality before the bylaws were passed. If to this date, there is no known invasive species in Lac Raymond, we probably owe it to this legislation. (1)

Banning of snowmobiles on the parc linéaire on the entire territory of Val-Morin

During the summer of 2010, the APELRRIN played a major role in preventing helicopters from landing around Lac Raymond, working with the Municipality to limit heliports to areas within the commercial zone along the 117.

The water treatment plant in Ste-Agathe

New analysis made by the APELRRIN indicated that Ste-Agathe was pouring a major part of its waste waters directly in the Rivière du Nord, contaminating the lake’s water. Following discussions with Ste-Agathe which bore no fruit, the APELRRIN’s members approved the initiation of a request for an injunction in Court in Superior Court on October 2007. The trial was held between October 8th and October 17th 20008 and the judgement was rendered on February 18th, 2009. On December 22, 2009, the three levels of government announced a $20 million investment to resolve the issue. This plant is up and running today and the water quality has greatly improved.
You can consult the judgement at: https://media.wix.com

The residents and fauna of Lac Raymond and la Rivière du Nord have recovered a treasure that they had lost.

(1) Règlement sur les restrictions visant l’utilisation des bâtiments de la Loi 2001 sur la marine marchande du Canada. À l’Annexe 3 du dit règlement, intitulé “Eaux dans lesquelles les bâtiments à propulsion mécanique sont interdits” à la partie 5 (Québec) et au no 146, on retrouve le Lac Raymond.