Mission & Goals

logo de l'APelrRIN

The acronym for APELRRIN comes from
Lac Raymond and Rivière du Nord Environmental Protection Association Inc.

Designed in 2015 by Anne Brissette, the logo evokes two drops of water, a green one representing the environment and a blue one representing purity, cleanliness. The drops of water mix to create a harmonious entity. The two components of the logo also symbolize the two distinct ecosystems that we protect, Lac Raymond and the Rivière du Nord.


Mission of the Association

The APELRRIN’s mission is to protect the environment of Lac Raymond and the Rivière du Nord by elaborating and implementing a durable restoration strategy.

The Association concentrates its action on identifying and controlling sources of pollutions, introduction of buffer strips, monitoring the recreational use of the lake and the river, the protection of wet lands and natural habitat, the transfer of information to its members, with the goal of providing the greatest benefits to the local residents and occasional users of the lake and river.


Goals of the Association

  • Elaborate a strategy for a durable and natural restoration of the River and the Lake’s to its original state
  • Harmonise the various uses of the Lake and River
  • Rapidly broadcast amongst its members any information pertaining to the Lake and River’s environment
  • Promote conservation measures to the public organizations
  • Deepen our scientific knowledge of the ecosystem’s health
  • Promote good environmental measures amongst its members