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logo de l'APelrRIN

The acronym for APELRRIN comes from
Lac Raymond and Rivière du Nord Environmental Protection Association Inc.

Designed in 2015 by Anne Brissette, the logo evokes two drops of water, a green one representing the environment and a blue one representing purity, cleanliness. The drops of water mix to create a harmonious entity. The two components of the logo also symbolize the two distinct ecosystems that we protect, Lac Raymond and the Rivière du Nord.


Mission of the Association

We are committed to preserving Lac Raymond and La Rivière du Nord (and thus its “ecosystem services”*) in a number of ways: by identifying solutions to pollution problems; promoting respectful use of the water bodies; and protecting and restoring the shoreline, wetlands and other natural habitats of the watershed.

Ecosystem services*: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ecosystem_service


To create partnerships with other organizations involved in environmental protection, and with municipal, provincial and federal governments where projects, initiatives or issues impact Lac Raymond and La Rivière du Nord.


– Integrity

– Collaboration towards continuous improvement

– Camaraderie and conviviality



1. To propose a program of solutions for recurring issues that are adversely affecting water quality.

2. To follow emerging trends regarding water quality, the living environment, and shoreline; and to manage the projects, if applicable, in a proactive manner.

3. To create and maintain partnerships with stakeholders committed to the preservation of the environment, thus helping to provide leverage with the tools and strategies readily available.

4. To increase the awareness of the Association.

5. To increase the participation of our members.

6. To increase and diversify the membership.


OUR PROJECTS presented and adopted at the APELRRIN general annual meeting in 2020

1. To continue to identify sources of contamination of Lac Raymond and La rivière du Nord and/or its tributaries (lead person: Julien Fortier).

2. To maintain partnerships with the municipalities of Val-Morin, Val-David and Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts (lead person: Pierre Asselin).

3. To further evaluate the possible replacement of the outflow system of the waste-water treatment plant (lead person: Pierre Asselin).

4. To understand how the water levels of La Rivière du Nord are managed, with the objective of contributing to, and influencing and improving, this management by the different stakeholders involved (lead person: Richard Langevin).

5. To draft a brief regarding our recommendations on regulating watercraft with high-speed electric engines (lead person: Yves Chartrand).

6. To continue working towards obtaining an automated bacteria sampling machine (ColiMinder) for Lac Raymond (including financial support and participation in a pilot project). (lead person: John Richardson).